Friday, February 12, 2010


Sometimes we miss the most spectacular sights because they're so common we don't notice them.

I was determined not to miss the daily jog even though it was raining this afternoon.
Zipping up my jacket and tucking three leashes in the pocket, I dashed out with the doggie pals into the showery afternoon...

... and was greeted with dramatic skies that only got more glorious as we ran down the road.

The rain stopped, the dogs sniffed and I was entranced and the changing beauty of the sky.
Layers of clouds and sunshine. Light and shadow. 

Needless to say, I didn't want to come home for a good long while.

Eventually the golden light of afternoon gilded the old barn with its picturesque weathervane, and as honking Canada geese flew overhead the air grew chilly and the wind picked up.

Time to head home and tuck supper into the oven.

The sky. What a miracle. The everyday, ordinary sky.
Thank God.


Kitt said...

Wonderful and hardly ordinary. Love the garden and sky pic especially. Happy Valentine's Day,Sharyn.

sue z said...

This looks like paradise to me, nothing ordinary here. Your photographs are breathtakingly beautiful.

就是你 said...

耐心是一切聰明才智的基礎。 ..................................................

Sara said...

Skies are inspiring, aren't they!

Elizabeth said...

Your sky photos are wonderful!! HTe colors that you captured and the sillohettes are amazing!! HTank you so much for sharing the inspiration!! Hugs!