Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The importance of saying "I love you!"

I spent the weekend cleaning out my parents' home. It was bittersweet sifting through the memories with my sisters, and I was reminded once again of the comfort of dear friends like my two wonderful sisters.

On Friday Barb met me at the airport. "It's wonderful to see you," she said. "I love you so much!"

A friend met me for breakfast."Love you," she whispered as we hugged goodbye. "I'm praying for you."

I ran by the jewelry store I used to own, a little shop downtown, tall clock on the sidewalk, sparkles decorating in the window. "Hi," grinned my former partner."Do you know how much we still miss you?"

When we drove up to the airport, my niece whizzed to the curb and I piled out with an odd assortment of mementoes. My sister Janny leaned from the window as I walked into the terminal. The last thing I heard as I turned to leave was her sweet voice. "Travel safe and remember, I love you!"

I'm home again and busier than the proverbial bee, but it doesn't take much time or effort to speak the love you feel & give a lift to someone's day, give them the strength to go on even when the day is full of stress or sadness, as mine was this weekend.

Wholehearted thanks to the dear ones who made my weekend sweet instead of bitter. I love you!

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