Friday, December 7, 2007

Nature decorates for the season

I've been digging through the Christmas decoration boxes, revelling in the colors and the memories... the Scandinavian candelabra and that bent-up old windmill ornament Brian made in kindergarten... vintage glass balls and the Nativity I inherited last year. Each one precious. I love decorating for Christmas!

And I'm not the only one who loves bringing out the goodies. On my daily run, I was captivated by the decorations as big as all outdoors.

Branches coated with silvery frost. Farmhouses and barns and the brilliant snowy glacier atop Mount Baker. Scarlet berries and glossy leaves. Horses fairly dancing across the meadow, and me with a pocketful of carrots. The spiky sculpture of dried roadside weeds (were they this elegant last summer when the blooms were waving in the wind?)

From my heart and home to yours, I am wishing you moments of gratitude and beauty and quiet times of refreshment and inspiration during this most special of all seasons.

Christmas blessings inside and out!

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