Monday, October 26, 2009

Around home

Perhaps it's only me, but in the autumn light everything appears honeyed.

Crisp morning air, russet apples, trees marching in rows down a field... it all seems coated with a thin film of gold.

I was out on my daily jog, trailing three silly-looking dogs and snapping photos like a tourist yesterday when two car-loads of strangers drove by slowly and stopped.

They gazed at me with questioning looks, and I could almost hear them thinking, "Looks ordinary to me. What's she taking pictures of- that dumb branch?"

After a moment I could see them begin to laugh, and off they went.

But there I stood with my mouth hanging open in awe.

Isn't it absolutely amazing how gorgeous a branch can be? Even an ordinary one.

Then the dogs and I trotted toward home, geese sailing overhead and wind ruffling our hair.


Sharon Hermens said...

My favorite time of the year...Autumn. Love the pics. I wouldn't laugh if I saw someone taking pictures of a branch, I would get out of the car and take one my self!

Diane said...

Sharyn, yes, autumn has a golden glow to it. The sunsets are always peachy and it seems as if everything on the ground is touched by the light in a different way than at any other time in the year - soft, glowing, honey-like as you mentioned. I've always called sunset and twilight in the fall as "The Golden Hour".

Such a shame the car of people didn't "get" what you did! We all need to stop and appreciate the little things. When we sum of the parts of our life, it's made up of little things. I loved this post. Good for you and those silly looking dogs! Those dogs probably know more than that carload of people! ;-)

Hugs! Diane

Elizabeth said...

Your photosa re wonderful!! Obvioously not everyone has your terrific eye for beauty!!

Jill Davis said...

My name is Jill Davis and I'm the Licensed Product Coordinator with York Wallcoverings. I was sent an eblast showcasing your "butterflies" when I decided to check out your blog...and boy am I glad I did. What beautiful images! I love the fall but have been so busy this year that I haven't taken the time to look around. My world is full of color and pattern and this time of the year is very stimulating, but I haven't slowed down to re-juice. Your photos have inspired me! They're telling me to stop and look around, so thank you!!
My husband and I will be relocating in the next several weeks to a new part of Pennsylvania. I'm very excited about my new adventure and hope that I may find my own little HOME as peaceful and beautiful as yours. My goal has been to search out my little piece of the earth and your photos are encouraging me to keep reaching for my goal.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Brandi said...

Sharyn, what beautiful photos! This is my favorite time of year, when we get to cool off from the toasty summer and see everything slow down and ripen for fall. Thank you for sharing!

Sara said...

Lovely visions of Autumn in your neighborhood, Sharyn. I love the photo of the apple tree with the pumpkins...heavenly. Autumn is my favorite time of year because of all the wonderful warm, earthy colors, and also because the weather finally starts to cool of here in the south...and of course, the beginning of the holidays.

I'll be in your part of the world next week visiting family. Here's hoping the storms aren't too bad! We want to go to Whitby Island....I love that place!