Saturday, April 14, 2012

Living color

Sometimes ordinary life is so extraordinary you can't believe this is your eyes-wide-open life. 

You know... it's that sensation of dreaming in living color.
For real.

It happens to me every spring, just as the tulips bloom.

I snapped the leash on our sweet yellow lab yesterday and went jogging all alone in the tulips.

Yes, that's right.

All alone.

Nobody else was there.

All that brilliant color. All to ourselves.
It was the ultimate luxury.

What is it about sunlight through the petals?
And the contrast of elegant blooms paired with the muddy fields and the rustic barns?

Always the barns. They are part of the land and so right.
I can't get enough of barns.

How is it that weathered wood is so gorgeous?

Soon I am through the fields, still breathless with wonder, and enjoying the beauty of the river and fields being plowed.
How blessed I am to call this valley home!

I jog along a river bank spangled with dandelions, down the little road to our own garden.

Back to the wonders of our own back yard.

The heirloom pear in bloom.
Potatoes and strawberries sprouting in their beds.
Weeds growing merrily. 

May our hearts rejoice. It's spring at last,  and joy spilling over.

If you looked over the back fence, you'd have seen me, shovel in hand, dancing with the dogs, Mr. Wonderful laughing in the background.


Anonymous said...

Sharyn, so beautiful a day to be out and about! Even the dandelions look pretty! I'm glad you aren't having any more snow! ;-)

Hugs, Diane

Sara said...

What gorgeous color Sharyn! I love that spash of red everywhere. Even your dandelions are more lush up there.