Sunday, December 23, 2012

Borrowing (from) the neighbors

We live in the best neighborhood anywhere.

It's the kind of place where we do a summertime barbecues together, autumn bonfires, and warm pies left on the doorstep across the street. 
(Yes, really!)

We borrow cups of sugar and canning equipment.

And now, when it's Christmas and there are no children in our house, we don't just borrow from the neighbors, we actually borrow the neighbors themselves.

Which explains how we came to have a loud ruckus, complete with gingerbread houses and sticky fingers and all manner of happy chaos.

After the gingerbread houses were decorated, when the children were still shouting, "ho, ho, ho!" they redecorated the tree and then moved on to the dog.

Oh, what a long suffering pet our Penny is! She actually enjoyed being strewn with ribbon and ornaments.

Oh, the merriment of having children next door 
and sticky fingers in a Christmas kitchen...

The blessing of laughter all through a neighborhood!


Sharyn Sowell said...

Vickie said...

How wonderful is the sound of children's laughter.
Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and may you be richly blessed in the coming New Year.

Lindsay Maddox @SillyMomThoughts said...

Love this so much (though I am a bit biased)... Thank you, Sharyn!