Sunday, May 26, 2013

New York and a barn dance

My life swings wildly.

I've been in New York again.
My agent, Alicia Dauber and I found lots of interest from our favorite companies, an honor I will never take for granted.

And then suddenly I was home.
I jumped off the shuttle and was off to a barn dance.
New York seemed suddenly a world away.

What a magical evening.

There is nothing more Americana than a barn dance.
A dance with little ones and grandparents and everyone in between.

What a perfect way to celebrate a special graduation.
What a perfect way to celebrate life!

All across America, in small towns everywhere, we gather with friends and family, old and young, and celebrate the simple pleasures.

Will we ever forget those golden evenings and the moments we've shared?

The joy of gathering. 
Toes tapping.
Simple food and honest laughter.


Friends, family and like-family.

This was one of those evenings when time seems to stand still.
You want the moment to last forever.

Sometimes I catch myself counting my blessings and hardly daring to believe how heaped-over-and-running-over are the gifts of ordinary life.


Brenda Pinnick said...

What a magical evening and the perfect remedy for your long trip back home!! Sharyn, your photos are amazing!
I've always wanted to go to a barn dance and now I almost feel as if I was there with you! Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures and I'm happy for your successful Surtex show- cant wait to see your new art come to life as product!XXOO

Michelle Palmer said...

You fill our hearts with JOY! All that you share with your art, your heart... sweet, sweet goodness~
Thank you!
Do hope your time in New York continues to be successful journey for you!

Sharyn Sowell said...

Leslie said...

Sharyn, this made my day!
The pictures made my heart sing!
Thank you!
I am going to go outside and


Cricket said...

Thanks for including the best of the dance! The memories are delightfully tumbling around in my head, as are the toe-tappin' tunes. Becky commented that she realized again what a wonderful upbringing she had. Thanks again for documented proof! :)

Cricket said...

Becky said again she was reminded at what a wonderful upbringing she had. Thank you for the documented proof :) I hope people who see the barn dance pictures are pleased that good fun is still had by wholesome people.

Jeri Landers said...

That was fun! I want to come along next time. Oh, the simple pleasures in American life are the very best. Picnics, barbeques and Barn dances! YEEE HAW!!!!