Thursday, January 15, 2015

Beautiful Soul

 Artists are known for being quirky. And in my case it's a label I wear with pride.

I retreat like a hermit to the studio for long hours bent over a work table, ink and paint coating my fingers, and scraps of paper as fine as pepper floating down from my busy scissors.

I forget to eat. I wake at midnight and sneak out to the studio.

Then in January, there's a big reveal.

New products are introduced to the retail market. 


When I walked into the showroom of Midwest CBK at the AmericasMart in Atlanta, and looked for the "Beautiful Soul" collection, I was overjoyed.

The entire showroom is a knockout, but my heartfelt collection there was all I'd hoped for...
words of encouragement and hope paired with soft, bright colors and botanicals.

The Beautiful Soul Collection includes the work of a select few artists, and will be in retail stores soon. It includes night lights, wall art, necklaces, mugs, boxes, ornaments, ceramic boxes and so much more.

If you have a favorite gift store near you, ask them to order the Beautiful Soul Collection from the talented crew at Midwest CBK. I promise you, it's full of joy and bright colors, well made and a great value.

Grinning ear to ear... what a blessing to work with these people on such an uplifting product.

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Jane LaFazio said...

Gorgeous! Huge congrats on your beautiful new products! So sorry I missed meeting you at CHA!