Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tulip time

Every spring it's wow.
Every. Single. Spring.

Every year I say it's the best ever.

And it's true.

If there is anything more lovely this side of heaven,
I can't imagine what it could be.



Michelle Palmer said...

My heart skipped a beat <3 Beautiful!

Sharon Hermens said...

A rainbow of color here on earth. Awesomeness!

Donna Timm said...

Yes indeed--heavenly! Thanks for posting these--I want to get up there next week in the early a.m. and get another "color fix"! I took a very similar photo of the red tulips and the wooden crates--but of course yours has a more artistic flair!:)

Liv Haddal Dyb said...

Speechless !!!!

Joy Hall said...

Oh my! The color is absolutely beautiful! I never tire of seeing beautiful flowers.