Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This one thing.

"What if you stopped multitasking?" she asked me. "What if you simply did one thing, and gave it all your attention? What if you slowed down?"

"What if you were fully present instead of trying to cram everything in?"

"If you tasted every cup of tea- I mean really tasted and enjoyed each sip before going on to the next thing?"

That niece of mine was on to something.

I haven't accomplished as much this summer,
but it's been deeper, richer, more fulfilling.

Being more mindful of the little things has made me more content.

I've challenged myself to live deep, not fast this summer
and it's been wonderful.

Giving my full attention to each person, each scent, taste, and task.

 So I pass along the question to you.

What if you simply did one thing at a time?
Stopped hurrying?
Really enjoyed each little moment?

What would that look like?
And how would it change you?

I double dog dare you!
Give it a try.
One little thing. Savor it.
Each moment.

Be aware, fully present, immersed in just one thing,
and always, always thankful for each little thing.

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