Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Cotswolds, a story book come to life

Coming to the Cotswolds is like opening an old, richly illustrated story book and falling in.
There's honey colored stone, thatched roofs, and romance everywhere.

Almshouses, pubs, ivy and roses creeping down the stone walls.
England, no wonder we are so enchanted by your beauty.

 ...It seemed as if we'd stumbled onto the Braveheart movie set.
We half expected to see someone in period costume running out of the doorway.

The thatched roofs... real thatched roofs. 
Real. Thatched. Roofs.
And we didn't see another tourist.

Is this not just like an old, old story book come to life?
But not at all cutesy, not at all what the Brits call "twee."

If we were not Anglophiles before, Mr. Wonderful and I were completely in love with England when we arrived in the village of Chipping Campden.

Did you know those picturesque finger-thin sign posts are actually REAL?


The weather vanes, too, look exactly like those in the stories my grandma read me. 
I found myself walking around with a silly grin until we returned to our B& B and tasted (yes, really!) tea and crumpets.

Are you a fan of all things English, too?
We are already plotting how and when we'll get back.

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Come Away With Me said...

Yes I am, absolutely, an Anglophile. I think it began with all those British novels I started reading, even as a kid . . . so of course it is wonderful to view all your photos and dream away.