Saturday, October 8, 2016

Studio makeover

It's so necessary to have a major refresh from time to time.
Even our work spaces need a complete restart.

 So this summer I pulled the studio apart and began again from scratch.

Here's how it went.

I was so overwhelmed I hardly knew where to begin. I made the best decision possible: I called Deb Kennedy, a professional designer who specializes in retail store and creative space design.
Deb is not an interior decorator; she designs high functioning work spaces that look fabulous.

First there was a total purge. I emptied the studio, right down to the last paper clip.

Not pretty.

But when it was finished I was ready to begin fresh.

First came organization.
Deb showed up to help and we drafted a plan.

Then we went shopping for storage.

There was curbside shopping involved (you know- the stuff people put out with a giant FREE sign attached) and a little dumpster diving for cardboard tubes (Deb's ingenious window treatments!)

That woman has so many tricks up her sleeves!
A coat of paint or two, a pair of custom made shelf units thanks to my clever son...

The little cottage studio began to shape up!

Tomorrow I'll share with you the finished results and some tips on how I did it.

If you have a craft room or art studio and it's in need of a little TLC, you can do this!
If you need help knowing how to make it function well - if, like me, you hardly know where to begin - click the link and reach out to Debi Ward Kennedy
I promise you'll thank me.


Barbie said...

I especially loved the pic of you in the dumpster! The only disappointment came when I found out that I have to wait to see the results! I was so into this makeover that I wanted to see it right away!

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Sharyn, it was SO much fun working with you on your sweet little studio! You know I love a good makeover but it was doubly rewarding to work with a friend who understands that while a pretty is the goal, functionality and efficiency has to come first in a work environment ;) I'm thrilled that you kept going after our 'phase one attack' and have created such a perfectly personalized space for yourself... empowering people to see the possibilities in their spaces is my number one goal!

BTW, the best place for anyone interested in what I do to see my design work is via my website and design blog at ( is my DIY home decor blog!)

Thanks again for sharing me with your readers <3 ~ Deb