Thursday, November 3, 2016

Setting the mood: a tutorial

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Have you noticed how lighting sets a mood?

When the days get shorter and skies turn gray, I turn to candle light to turn gloomy into romantic.

And the new Winter Wonderland snowflake collection works so well for this.

Want a favorite 5 minute craft?
Here you go!

Grab some vellum and your cheapest, thinnest copier paper. 

That's all you'll need, along with a glue stick, ordinary tape, and the snowflake dies
from Sizzix.
Fancy up the edges and cut them to varying heights on the short side of the vellum and cut out a flurry of snowflakes.

Glue snowflakes randomly to one side of your vellum or paper. I include the tiny stars that come from the inside of the snowflakes (more about why later!)

Now tape the vellum or paper into a round, stick a votive inside (be sure to use a votive holder and observe fire safety precautions!)

And remember, candle light and romance isn't just for dinners for two.
This is a peek at our breakfast table, where candles turn gloomy mornings into quiet delicious mornings before we dash out.

Just prepare something simple the night before, light your candles and you're done!

And a little personal note about how this collection came to be:

I include the tiny stars to remind me of hope.

That's because I dreamed these snowflakes up on a cold night in New York.
I'd just left a hospital alone and scared, headed to the apartment of a dear friend.

It was a snowing- a blizzard, actually, and I was walking through Central Park alone.

When I looked up, the swirling snowflakes were so lovely I forgot my troubles and couldn't wait to snip out some lovely snowflakes.

My friend welcomed me and we were soon sipping cocoa amid a flurry of snowflakes and stars and scraps of paper... A happy ending.

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