Thursday, February 1, 2018

Time for Swedish fika (and scissors!)

Winter is my favorite time to cosy up and create. There's a lot of sipping and snacking involved these days. My grandma, a beautiful Swedish artist with a gift for baking called this "fika."

Long quiet hours with the soft sound of scissors snipping and rain beating on the window panes are the hallmark of the winter months. Tiny bits of black paper pepper the floor and half-finished work covers every surface. 

But that's not all. 

I celebrate the joy of winter by snuggling in with paper and scissors and endless cups of tea... 
and that's been about all I've wanted to do for months.

True to my Scandinavian roots, candles and that most delightful of all Swedish rituals, fika is a daily must. We stop for coffee or tea and a snack of muffins or fruit or crackers and cheese every afternoon... because this is how we turn the long dark days of a wet northern winter into the season of comfortable delight.

Spring is just around the corner, friends. But for now, pour yourself a cup of something delicious and get the creative mojo flowing. 
Celebrate winter the Scandinavian way!



Andrea Hastilow said...

Thank you for that insight into your life, wow those muffins/ cake look good, no wonder you stop for one with a cuppa. The work you have photographed is amazing, you must have such patience and a fantastic ability to cut out the correct bit's to get an image. How do you know what to cut and what to leave ?

Kathleen said...

SO COZY, Sharyn! I'm Norwegian but I don't remember a name to sitting and having a bite with a cup of coffee. I can attest to the fact that it is a reality of life, though! I think some things were lost when my grandma died so young. My mother was just 15. They always spoke English at home so that may have been the reason. Need to ask my cousins! :D I always love looking through your blog!