Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The most beautiful book

As a lettering fanatic, I was completely blown away when I got to see the St. John's Bible recently.

It's the first completely hand written, illustrated Bible in more than 500 years and wow! What a beautiful book, wonderful beyond imagining.

My photos can't possibly capture it but I had to try.

The main body of the text is very old style lettering, similar to what you'd expect in a historic manuscript but the words are modern and the art and calligraphic are are very contemporary. Capital letters sprinkled throughout are fabulous and the colors really pop.

Hours raced by unnoticed as we paged through the seven books that measure about 2' tall and 3'wide when opened. 

Close up, you can see the amazing amount of detailed painted and gold leafed into the book. 
What a labor of love, and master calligrapher Donald Jackson, formerly chief calligrapher for Queen Elizabeth, did an incredible job with his team.

If you'd like to see this for yourself, you can find more information here.
Seeing the most beautiful book in the world was on my bucket list for years and
I can promise you will not be disappointed.

Every pen stroke, every detail are just beautiful, with care lavished on even the tiniest bits.

I hope you have the opportunity to see the most beautiful book. 
Its words of life and truth are life changing and the calligraphy and illustrations in this copy of the Bible are wonderful beyond description.


Oma G said...

It is beautiful! Where did you see it? Is it on public display? It must be a huge book!

Nancy Dempsey said...

I saw this bible last Spring here in Cincinnati and it was amazing! Thanks for sharing photos, some of which I didn't see in the limited time of the presentation I attended.

crimsoncat05 said...

This is simply gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your photos of it... I would love to see it in person, but barring that, your photos are beautiful.

Paula B said...

I travel throughout the world and always take pictures of unique doors, windows, flowers and lights. I planned to make picture books with just these pictures. Happy to see another photographers work. As a crafter, I love the kitchen label idea. Those dies are the cutest ever!!