Friday, June 22, 2007

Real life is the best fairy tale

Did you notice I've been incommunicado? I've been off having delicious adventures! But now I'm home and can share all the juicy details.

Delta whisked me to Kansas City, where I felt like Dorothy, having been dropped into a land of make believe. First a limo (yes, a real limo!) gave me a lift to Hallmark. My new friend Wendy gave me a tour of that wonderful company, and I do believe I could disappear into the library there and live forever happy. I secretly had my fingers crossed the whole time, making fervent wishes to work with them more and more, they are so kind and imaginative. Hurrah for Hallmark!

Just when the fun at Hallmark came to an end, I began a most amazing four day treat. Who knew meetings could be so memorable! I'm almost speechless, and those who know me best understand I am NEVER speechless. Demdaco is the most amazing company I've ever had the privilege of working with.

Every moment was more wondrous than the one before... it was almost like summer camp for a group of dedicated artists, and we enjoyed a color trend seminar with a charming colorist who just retired from Benjamin Moore, private tour of the new Nelson Atkins Art Museum, gallery tours, dinners galore, and (oh my goodness, I practically swooned!) plenty of time to look over the new products we designed.

I can't say much or it will give away the Christmas surprise, but it's just my style, pure & simple. If you like my art, you'll enjoy the garlands & stockings, tree toppers and kitchen ware.

I'm trying to avoid rambling on and gushing, but it's almost impossible today. The photo shows me with Kallie, a very dear new friend who proved an invaluable resource along with her boss, Linda, as we have worked on the holiday collection. Kallie is as beautiful as she is smart.

After Kansas City, I winged my way to the Big Apple for meetings, and while my feet may have touched down at home again, my heart has not. I am back in my own dear studio again but my heart is still soaring after so much inspiration and kindness.

Once again I have tested and proven my motto: Real life is the best fairy tale!

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