Friday, June 1, 2007

The farm down the road...

Kristi was weeding when I ambled through the orchard, past the shed and out back to the herb garden.

"Almost ready!" she said with a laugh.

I can hardly wait until next Friday, when we pick up the first batch of fresh organic fruits, vegetables and herbs from Riversong Farm garden, a community supported agricultural farm. Currants, beets, oregano and rosemary... things that don't fit into our garden or schedule. Every week something new, something exciting in a plain cotton bag waiting in Kristi's shed.

And there, just beyond Kristi's shoulder, waited my model.

I'm working on some Thanksgiving cards just now and wanted a turkey to show off for me. Here he was, strutting and puffing his chest, acting as if he had been a professional model all his life.

I snapped his photo while the dear bird turned and faced the camera, then acted as if he were walking down a runway, pivoting and showing his feathers to best advantage.

You wouldn't blame me, would you, for dashing home to ask the neighbor children to model, then quick as a wink heading for the studio? I will be out around midnight if all goes well, with the picture that's roosting in my head emerging from the scissors. I plan to do justice to that wonderful Narragansett tom turkey who lives just down the road.

Next week I'll have to bring a little treat for the old fellow. He did a splendid job of posing for this artist, who considers herself mighty lucky today. How many of us get the fun of live turkeys for a Thanksgiving model? I may even have second thoughts about eating his relations in November!

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