Monday, August 13, 2007

cheerful barns

One of the best parts of rural living is the barns that dot the landscape. Every time I drive past one, I'm seized with a longing to snap a photo, an odd desire to eat a picnic in its shade or swing from the rafters and peer out the hayloft doors.

But usually I'm without the camera or in a hurry, and I haven't had a lazy afternoon in a barn since I was at Boydean and Astrid's farm years ago.

Early yesterday morning I found myself jogging along a country road not far from home and between nibbles of blackberries from the hedges that line the way, I could not help but admire this dear little well kept barn. Flowers form a welcome mat and trees line up like giant wooden soldiers as if in formal greeting.

Wouldn't you agree that barns are among the most charming amenities of the rural landscape? Even the falling down wreck just over our backyard fence boasts a certain rakish, devil-may-care attitude.

If I were to count my blessings today, I'd have to include that cheerful barn, which sent me jogging down the road with a smile.

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