Friday, August 3, 2007


Don't you just love glitter? I am smitten, captivated and completely gone-over-the-top about glitter!

Here's a quick peek at a little squish of my current faves in the glitter department. Most delicious of all the sparkly confections are the glass glitters. Their clear jewel tones are irresistible in almost every hue. Glass glitters gladden the heart with undertones of complementary shades, and they take me back to childhood, when an ornament would crash into a million pieces and my mother could hardly keep me from picking up the shiny shards. The only competition glass glitters have for my heart is large flakes of natural mica, captivating in their earthiness and innocence.

I keep my glitter handy on the windowsill in adorable vintage containers, some of which even have sprinkle holes right on their tops, left over from the day some dear farm wife sprinkled cinnamon on her toast or nutmeg on a custard pie.

I think those glitters are calling to me even now... I will sign off and get out the glue... I feel a sprinkling sparkling afternoon coming on!

If you're a glitter diva like I am, send me an email and I'll share my source for the most dazzling glass glitters of all! Happy summer... Let yourself sparkle!

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