Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sneak Peek at Cheap Chic

Today I'm sharing a sneak peek at cheap chic (just try saying that quickly three times without stopping!)

This is a photo - granted a horrible one but let's be gracious and remember Yours Truly never pretended to be a photographer! - of a project from my upcoming book, Silhouette Decor.(Shameless self promotion: coming out from Lark Books in Spring '09) I am hard at work writing this, my second how to book, and while some may doubt it, writing a book is a project that resembles a black hole; it sucks up an incredible amount of time and energy. But hallelujah, when your book comes out it's like giving birth. You instantly fall in love and forget the pain.

But I digress.

This project is cheap decor with lots of flair. Simply put, you cover a piece of foamcore board with a piece of paper of your choice. I even used a sheet that was very fibrous and not quite big enough, but I patched a bit here and there and you'd never know it.

You choose an icon- in this case obviously I chose an armchair. In the book you can cheat and use the pattern I'll provide but if you simply can't wait you can just do as I did and cut out something fun. I then took a piece of bright contrasting paper (if you must know the truth this was something I found in the Daniel Smith sale bin for a mere quarter! That's how cheap I am.) Cut wild scallops or curves or florals, anything that suits you.

Now arrange it all on another slice of foamboard- here I used black foamboard, which I adore. Using a stiff glue, stick the paper on first and then the large icon which is dimensional.

Add a hanging device of your choice on the back. Now hang it on your wall, step back and admire the fruits of your labor, you gifted thing, you! Don't you feel clever?

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