Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Charming doorways

Do you find yourself taking pictures of the same subject over and over?

I just glanced through my photos and there are at least 50 doorways.

At least.

I can't resist the stone steps, the climbing ivy...

... the wonderful weathering.

Climbing roses seem so charming around a doorway...

... while others say, "welcome!"

I loved the whimsical tiled canopy on this doorway, like an eyebrow almost!

And the timelessness of other doors speaks of a slower, gentler era.

Our doorway is so plain when I look at these and enjoy their unique details.

Our own doorway is a Plain Jane. France and Italy have taught me I need to add a special touch. What fun to dream something up!

But plain as it is, our very own door is the sweetest one of all to me.

There's truly no place like home, is there?


Sharon Hermens said...

I agree Sharyn,
I love my door also. It opens to a familiar place. One where I know my way around. I know how many steps it takes to go from my kitchen to my bedroom. I know the people who live here. We eat, laugh, cry and fuss (sometimes) and I know they love me. But, doors also intrigue me...who lives there, what lies behind, what do they do, would they invite me in if I approached?
Can't wait to see more of your trip.

BJ Lantz said...

It is true. No matter how much I love going away and visiting far away lands, there is nothing like walking back through one's own front door.

Speaking of doors, I too take loads of doorway photos...and windows...and I love architectural details.

Terri Conrad said...

oh Sharyn, you must have been in heaven - I know I am just vicariously peeing into your travels. The door ways are beathtaking - in California, we'd have pay in the millions to have homes that look like this. Isn't the history just grand? Thank you for sharing my dear new friend.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sharyn, how could you possibly leave????!!!!! I'd want to live there forever, set up my easel and paint until the cows come home every single day of my life if I lived there! Those doorways....oh my!! Nothing like that here in the US! And the food and the scents! Maybe Pike's Market in Seattle? Nothing here even remotely like anything in your photos. Oh my...what a dream trip!


kjrem said...

Wonderful doorway shots. You could never see anything like these where I live. Thanks for taking me on a little trip to somewhere I will probably never get to really go. You are a great communicator! Thanks for sharing.