Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Terres et coleurs

Terres et coleurs. Earths and colors.

What an amazing riot of colors crossed our paths in France and Italy.

What fun to shop from the street market's ceramicist...

and wander the ochre mines of Rousillon.

"Don't wander there," Dominique told me, "unless you don't mind stains that will not go away."

She shook a warning finger.

"The earth is strong here."

And she was right.

And it's not just the earth itself that seems to glow from within. The buildings echo the colors you see in the landscape.

I brought home pigments from the ochre mines with the dream of ragging my kitchen walls and formulating paint and ink to use in my work.

The sky and earth colors come to roost on the buildings here, almost seeming to glow.

And it's not just the buildings that reflect the terres et coleurs. The spices you see in the open air markets, the cheeses and vegetables are a brilliant visual feast.

But there are also places for the eye to rest, gentler shades and hues and tones.

Plane trees along the roadway.

And quiet versions of the landscape's vivid shades.

There is something essential about these colors, something built to last.

I'm completely smitten.


Halliehoop said...

Thank-you for sharing these visual feasts with those of us who can't go see it in person. On a day that I am dealing with some personal issues, you have provided me with spiritual relief with this petite virtual vacation. Ahhhh, I feel so much better.

Sharon Hermens said...

I love the basket border on the outside above the window. Who would have thought to put a border on the outside? I also like the washed reds and yellows on the buildings and the vibriant ochres. What a wonderful time you must have had.
Thanks for sharing. I want more!

Sara said...

How beautiful. I'm glad you are taking us along with you on this adventure.

You've packed some lovely stylish clothing into your two small carry-ons!

Kathleen said...

What wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing! BTW -- you might find some of those French recipes you are hoping to find on this food blog: Chocolate & Zucchini (written by a French gal who lived in the states for several years but is back in France now...and she writes in both French and English)

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, truly a feast for the eyes and the tummy! One wonderful thing about vacationing and being able to EAT so many delicious foods is that we usually are doing so much walking that the pounds don't come home with us! ;-)

I loveall of the colors you saw. Oh! You must be ITCHING to get to your art! Will you be using many, many different colors in your paper cutting now? I can just see it! Those 4 pastel buildings with the shutters in the last picture....paper cuts!

How can you stand it! So much inspiration and only a 24-hour day!

Welcome home. I've missed you.


Anonymous said...

Oh Rousillon! Yes, I've been several times and love the colors too. See my post: