Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love letters from Dubrovnik

It was a busy day in Dubrovnik, with crowds on the main street and along the fortified walls.

But I was alone.

For some reason I'm drawn to things that others pass by, and left cold at the things they find compelling.

Not for me the shops, the cafes with laughing diners, the wide marble avenue choked with people.

For me the beckoning window on a back street, the carving viewed at an angle guaranteed to give a stiff neck to anyone not too captivated to notice.

I wandered into a Franciscan monastery and lingered over its details...

Writing of the sort I have never seen in stone before called my name and inspired my fingers to itch for ink and nibs.

I find myself wishing I knew how to carve stone.

The lettering fascinates me. I am alone in the monastery's corners, admiring the stones at my feet and wondering who were these Franciscans who loved letters as I do.

 I spend an hour sketching in the quiet courtyard, praying as the pencil dances across the page. 

Finally I tear myself away, re-tracing my steps and leaving as I came.

I enjoy the details of paintings on the walls, inset stone fountains, door rings.

Even the little bell by the door calls to me, well worn by years of faithful service.

Now out to the streets of the city. 

My eyes are again drawn to the letters I find sprinkled everywhere.

I notice where the letters are a little squished and smile knowing how it is that sometimes you get going with a project and then realize you have less space than you'd thought. 

I feel connected to the letterer of long ago.

On and on through the city, loving the details that set Dubrovnik apart.

Tomorrow more photos.

Thank you most sincerely for sharing the journey with me.


Lisa Noël said...

Oh Sharyn, those pictures are just so lovely! I want to go there and sit quietly and enjoy them with you right now! Thanks for sharing - and if you ever need a traveling assistant, you know where to look me up!

Sharyn Sowell said...

Noel, I was going to ask you to translate some of the words for me! Aren't they gorgeous? Hope your new job is fabulous... Hurrah for word lovers and all the jobs we can do that share the love of letters and the meanings they bring!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Simple! Serene looking!
Hugs, Diane

J. Wecker Frisch said...

Wow Sharyn - I just tuned in! What a wonderful trip! I loved looking at the images today. I can imagine that you would have to "tear" yourself from observing such sights in such a place.