Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Be inspired

I'll admit it: I don't read long, wordy blog posts.
So I'll keep this short but sweet.

There's been an alarming trend to rip off art work... to copy and call it one's own. 
People haven't thought much about the fact that "borrowing" someone's image is stealing.

Having said that, there are good ways to be inspired by the work of others.

I admire the work of artist Michelle Palmer (click to see her wonderful blog)
Michelle's work is completely different than mine but when I noticed a few months ago that she has been using scripture in her art, she inspired me to get out my pens, inks and paints and do the same.

It’s wonderful to gather inspiration where you find it, but remember what your second grade teacher told you? Do your own work. It’s not okay to copy your neighbor. We are all better off when we value ourselves enough to stick to our own original best. US copyright law agrees with your teacher. Copying is wrong. Do your own work and smile when you look in the mirror.

I'm part of a group of artists who support the copyright laws and the concept of being your own original best. We're doing a blog hop today. 

Join us and hop to the other blogs:
And here's another good site to learn about being your own original best instead of an awful imitation of someone else. 

Let's stamp out unkindness and theft. It's just ugly.


Beth Parker said...

Great post and your work is beautiful!!

Phyllis Dobbs said...

Very nice example of being inspired!

Samantha Walker said...

Love your words and art...and thanks for pointing me to Michelle Palmer's blog...gorgeous designs...amazing lettering.

joanne sharpe said...

Very well said Sharyn! We all have so many gifts, so there's never really a need to "re-gift"! :-)

Molly Smith said...

Wonderful message Sharyn! I am so glad to know you and share a passion.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Sharyn. Inspiration is a much different way of creating art. Totally different from copying. I always say that the person who copies and steals art from others is actually robbing themselves of their OWN special, unique talent. Are they so inhibited or lacking in confidence that they don't value their own ideas? Everyone is SPECIAL and if they just did their own thing they would actually discover how much they shine on their own.

Aaron Christensen said...

I second the second grade teacher! Thanks for sharing your perspective with us Sharyn.

Debbie said...

Your take on Michelle's inspiration is wonderful and thank you for linking to her blog. I just love what she is doing there. Your message too, is very important and that goes for illegal downloads of music and copying videos and software too. They are artists who work very hard, no matter what we think of the cost or what difference 1 person will make. Amen to you Sharyn.

drooz doodles said...

copying IS wrong - seems so simple - huh?
think what an even MORE beautiful world it could be
if we all tried to be original!

Anonymous said...

Perfectly stated Sharyn! I'm so excited to see you incorporating your amazing calligraphy into your art! It's just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your perspective on this subject.

sue z said...

I love your message and your beautfull new artwork!!

Terri Conrad said...

simple lessons, huh, Sharyn.
such sweet inspiration

Robin said...

Sharon, I love "We are all better off when we value ourselves enough to stick to our own original best." Just lovely. I also really enjoyed seeing Michelle's blog too. Thanks for showing her inspiration.

Cherish Flieder said...

Scripture is a great source of inspiration for me as well. Thanks for sharing this Sharyn.

It seems to me that we were created in the image of a creative Creator, so why should we hold back? We each have our own unique voice if we are not afraid to use it.

Jeri Landers said...

Working as an artist for over 30 years, I have developed my own look, my own style and have such a vivid imagination that I would never need to copy anybodys work. But I have a great admiration for many other artists and find inspiration in collecting and perusing their work. Sometimes, as you did with the scripture verses, seeing an artwork will click an idea in my mind and inspire me to create something I hadn't thought of before, such is the nature of inspiration. Having said that let's face the fact that there is "nothing new under the sun" and sometimes, when we think someone "stole" our idea it is nothing more than coincidence.
BUT< I HAVE had people actually trace my patterns and then sell them at the same artshows I am attending. Now THAT is WRONG, how can they not know that?
Sometimes, I do worry about putting images on my website of artworks in progress.