Saturday, March 12, 2011

A trip to the nursery

When it's too cold and wet to work in the garden and you're longing for spring, what is a gardener to do?

Why, put on a thick coat and visit your favorite nursery, of course!

And so it was that Jane and I headed for Christianson's Nursery.
If that isn't the world's best nursery they have me fooled. 

Sometimes I go just to sketch the watering cans.
But I always walk away with something for the garden.

This time it was blueberries, currants, and jostaberries (a cross between gooseberry and currant), all bare root, and sweet pea seeds. 

I wanted English daisies, too, but forgot them.
That's a legitimate reason to go back soon, don't you agree?

Tucked between plants and greenhouses you'll find Primrose, their wonderful shop for all things vintage garden.

I practically swoon every time I go in. 
Right now I am dying for one of those spades with the split wood handles.

Too spendy for me, but I can dream!


Sharyn Sowell said...

From Vickie:

Sharyn, What a wonderful looking place. I think I could spend all day there. Great photo's, I really enjoyed them.
Vickie Canham

Debbie said...

Come on, Sharyn. How much of a reason do you need to go back there ;- ) It's cold, hot, rainy, sunny, cloudy. These all sound like good reasons to go there! Have a great rest of your weekend. Thanks for sharing this great place again. I can't wait to see it when it's in full season.

Jeri Landers said...

You are right, a fabulous nursery, I wish we had one like that! I really love the shovels and those little wire domes, I wish I could find some like that because I just spent the day building ugly wire cages to protect my new plants from the chickens! Just did a post on it. What are those called? I bet I can find some online.
NEAT nursery!

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, what a wonderful place! A perfect photo op! Not to mention you had good company. :-)

Hugs, Diane

Caroline Simas said...

Beautiful!!! Wish I could have joined you both!

jane maday said...

I wish we had a nursery like that! We used to have one at an old farm, but the couple running it retired. Still too early for us to plant anything yet, but I can't wait;-)

Content in a Cottage said...

Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for the tour of that great nursery. I have one of those several of those spades from estate sales. They are wonderful reminders of their previous owners.