Monday, November 21, 2011

Shopping (for the not-such-a-shopper)

I am not much for shopping, usually preferring to make something myself.
But I confess to adoring Anthropologie.

When Jane & I ventured out, it was a special treat.

And the displays were eye candy in every square inch. 
Look at the ingenious pots for little trees! 

("I could do this!" you are thinking?)
Simple white acrylic paint and terra cotta pots.

Trees you could easily reproduce... and the silvery beads, so festive.

I'm just longing to make a swag like this one. 
Felt scraps await in the guest room closet, embroidery thread in the studio...

Even the dish towels inspire. Did you notice the wooden spoons turned into displays?

Then next door to Ravenna Gardens.

Jane could not resist the plants.

I am now hunting for more rose hips... 
I may have to run by Becky's garden down the road with my garden snips.

Then Jane & I spotted garden icons and drooled over the art we'll create with them.

Sometimes a little shopping trip is very inspiring...

Even for us non-shoppers.


Sandy said...

I'm not a shopper either, but your trip looks like a good one.

Deb Kennedy said...

Honey, I think that's Ravenna Gardens, not Molbaks. ;0) But it looks like a fun day!!!!

Debbie said...

Thanks for the inspiring shopping trip and I didn't even have to find a parking place ;- ) Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Sharyn!