Saturday, December 3, 2011

A dream came true...

It's not every day your secret dream comes true.

But today it happened for me.

We piled in the car with very dear friends and trundled down the road to Mount Baker to cut Christmas trees from the woods.

It seemed to me as if a story book had come to life.
And I was in the middle of the story.

Was ever a sky so blue or snow so white?

Noses were bright with the chill, cocoa steamy, and the forest was silvery with sunshine on frost.

We came upon a hidden jewel of a lake in the woods...

...surrounded, it seemed, with magic.

And there it was that we found the perfect trees, and cut them with a sharp red saw, just like you would imagine.

We discovered that the rope had been left behind, and being creative and full of cocoa and laughter, pulled out our shoelaces and tied the trees down nice and secure.

Oh, yes, it was a day almost too good to be real.

A day when the forest welcomed us, and I got to live my secret wish to go into the woods and cut down a very special Christmas tree.


Audrey Jeanne said...

How wonderful, I enjoyed every picture as though I was there. I bet this will be a very special Christmas tree, one that will be treasured long after it is gone!

We cut our own tree once when I was a little girl. We owned a lot up at Crestline-Twin Peaks in So. Cal. You weren't supposed to cut trees but we had too many growing for their own good and cut a "little" one and took it home. We had to cut 2 feet off of it to get it to fit our ceiling, LOL!

Merry Christmas, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, a storybook day all around! What a beautiful memory you've all created. Wish I could have been with you.

And...congratulations and success are wished you for your new Licensing Liaison!

Hugs and blessings,

Jeri Landers said...

Marvelous Sharyn! It reminds me of "A Waltons Christmas". I love it when dreams come true.
Today, instead of cutting a tree from our woods, I am taking a trek a few miles down the road, to a wonderful gem of place. A 200 year old cabin, decked out like a "Little House on the Prairie" with Christmas trees out front. I will post it!

Debbie said...

What wonderful pictures of a wonderful day, Sharyn. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Hermens said...


Sooo happy for you. Looks like you had a blast!! Brought back memories of our Christmas's in NY. We always cut our trees from the woods. In fact, some were the ones my older brother planted as a kid when he was in Boy Scouts. Will we get to see the finished product?

Blessings to you!

Sara said...

What a lovely story...and thank goodness for shoelaces! You made me smile.

Content in a Cottage said...

Sharon...Thanks for a great story and great photographs to go with it. What a perfect day.
xo, Rosemary