Monday, December 5, 2011

One square foot of miracles

It was nothing, really.

Just a thoughtless comment,
an unconsidered slam.
But it stung.

So I set out to look for soothing beauty.

I challenged myself to see how much I could find in one square foot of ordinary space.

What could I see without moving my feet from the same spot?

Sunlight slanting through the weeds,

frozen leaves in icy grasses...

dew melting into crystalline drops.

There is so much design, so much form and color in one square foot of space!

Even an ordinary wire fence is extraordinary.

It's amazing how much joy you can wring from one square foot of earth wherever you are!

What's your retreat when life knocks you down?
What soothing beauty can you find in one square foot of ordinary life?


Amy Biggers said...

These are such beautiful, thoughtful photos.

Sandy said...

People rarely engage their brain at times like that and aren't even aware they have hurt you. You are great-so there on them. The images do help and show the real beauty of the world. I go to nature when life gets grim.

Sharon Hermens said...


I love how your mind works!! You have taught me so many valuable life lessons. I love todays lesson. I want to get me camera out and see what I can see in one square foot!! First, I will wait till the rain stops which I am enjoying after such a blistering hot summer. Smiles to you!

Sherrie Spangler said...

What a great attitude you have! Yes, those little slams can sure sting, but I love seeing how you turned to the beauty of nature for comfort. And darn if my camera didn't break yesterday.

Sara said...

Hello Sharyn...this is a post after my own beautiful and so true...just one square foot of space can yield so much beauty! I sometime spend an hour or so out in the winter sunshine just drinking in whatever is there before me as I sit on the grass in the back yard. It's amazing what one finds. And, by the way, I love those birds flying overhead in your last is so relaxing to look up and see birds winging high above in the blue skies.