Saturday, May 12, 2012

Seeds of the creative life

Early morning in the farmland, big fields and bigger skies.

Cycling out to deliver warm muffins for a surprise...

Back past fields newly planted

clucking chickens

the call of a cow whose eyes are the most liquid brown I've ever seen.

Past leaves that amazing shade you only see in springtime.

The familiar clink of the gate,
and into our own garden,
remembering to notice the blessings,
not the weeds.

Oh, the beauty of a morning in May!

The simple pleasures of light and color and life full and running over!

There's broccoli and lettuce and herbs.
And a healthy crop of weeds.

Blue skies above

Rich dirt at our feet

and all the glories in between

And suddenly I'm struck with inspiration.

Never mind next week's show in New York.
Never mind tonight's dinner for friends.
Never mind the long to do list, much of it marked "urgent."

The creative lightning bolt must be pursued.

Out come the simplest of art things.
And soon I am sketching all around the garden.

Hours pass.

Then back indoors for inks and nibs, scissors and various papers.
Under the cherry tree there is a wild mess.

But that is the creative process.

No matter how often it happens, every single time it's like magic.

Light. Color. Magic.

And a sigh of contentment.

Is it like this at your home, too?


Kristi said...

I may not comment every time, but every time I visit here I am blessed. Your gratitude is contagious! I'm reminded to look beyond the weeds today. Thank you!

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Sharyn,

Your blog lights up my day! We're really enjoying our May here in Missouri, too, and love to go driving in the country and see all the greenery. My colored pencils have been calling my name, too. I hope you share your sketches!



Anonymous said...

Oh I do loving visiting you Sharyn! What a gorgeous photos! Thank you for taking us along on your creative journey. Blessings abound-if only we look. xo-Heather