Friday, June 8, 2012

Close to the land

The big city was my life Before.
This is my life Now.


I love cities but rural means home now.

Barns. Mountains. Trees.

Fields and dirt and lots of sky.

It's a lot closer to the earth than most places.

You can watch your food growing here.
We understand the concept of "eating local" better because we walk past the fields daily, noting the swelling of pumpkins and cucumbers or the heavy crop on Steve's apples or quince trees.

Places at once simple and profound.

This barn belongs to my friends Steve and Kathryn and I walk by every day just to enjoy its beauty as the seasons change.

Steve is a talented bird photographer and organic farmer.
Kathryn is a famous basket weaver.

Together they've woven an artful life at Dunbar Gardens...

Do you see it, too, the way my photos look like still lifes? 
Because this little "ordinary" place is so bursting at the seams with beauty that I can hardly believe it.

And yet my friend yesterday said, "Life is so boring here. It always rains."

Which reminded me again:
there is no such thing as ordinary life.

Wherever we are, city or farm, sunny or rain, let's live this day in the wonder of now, and be fully present in this moment, fully alive.

Life is too precious to miss a single minute.


Sharyn Sowell said...

Lynn says...

Your blogs always make me slow down and breathe!!
Love it!

Sharyn Sowell said...

Sharon said...

Just when I was thinking to myself that my life is half over and what, oh crap, what do I have to show for it. . . you come along with beauty and grace and remind me of what it really means to live.


Michelle Palmer said...

They do look like fine art landscapes~ of a time passed...
Beautiful post!

I love being a country girl. Grew up walking dirt roads, playing in the pastures... farm animals as pets. Still a country girl... not as many dirt roads~ feels like "city living" to me now. My heart is a little jealous of friends who know their way around cities... intimidating :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!