Saturday, June 16, 2012

Savoring the pleasure of horses

Isn't it amazing to look at a horse?

Pausing to watch (not just a fast glance, but really LOOKING) at their long, long legs and the shapes of their heads. Those liquid brown eyes.

It's the little "ordinary" slivers of life that brings a deep sense of satisfaction.

Fields full of buttercup.
Horses. Barns. Fences.
Mailboxes along a country road.

This week for me, it's been the colts that captured my eyes.

Which explains why I've spent a fair amount of guilt-free time taking photos of horses and sketching them this week.

Who knew animals were so graceful and even acrobatic?

My list of "new collections I want to do" has just expanded to include one about horses. 
Rough sketches are underway, time stolen from more urgent needs... 
but those drawings are such a valuable foundation for the art that will eventually happen.

Meanwhile, today, we reserve a sliver of time to simply enjoy the colts down the road and the geldings that live in the field behind my cottage studio.

What is calling your name these days? 
Where are you finding inspiration and rest?

Do tell, friend!
I'm longing to hear.


Sara said...

Thank you for sharing the beauty of horses with us. That is an animal I've not had the pleasure of encountering much at all in my life. The colt is so sweet...I could watch him/her all day. Love your photos.

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Sharyn,

I know very well the appeal of horses. I spent the first fourteen years of my life (before the Monkees came along), reading about, dreaming about, and drawing horses. I had two horses on two different occasions (briefly), and hope that there are some waiting for us when we finally get back to the country. They are graceful, beautiful, and smell so good!

My muse lately has been Tuscany, after reading "Under the Tuscan Sun." Suddenly I'm thinking of where to squeeze in an Italian garden, and looking up recipes on the internet!



J. Wecker Frisch said...

Beautiful shots Sharyn! I like your descriptions too. "Liquid brown eyes" & "ordinary slivers."

From The Homesteading Cottage said...

Such lovely inspiration...the lines, the shades, the movement and especially the spirit (: What's been calling to me lately?...Babbling brooks and the quiet calm of nature's music. It's soothing to the soul (:

I just found your blog and became a new follower (: Can't wait to come back for more posts...Hope you have a lovely week!!


Anonymous said...

Berries are calling my name, Sharyn! Oodles of blackberries and blueberries growing in my yard, and I've been so busy I can't find time to pick them... or draw them. When I do get out there, I'm mesmerized by how pretty they are, and the colors of them in different degrees of ripeness. Maybe this weekend!?

Thanks so much for this post... it reminded me we need to take some time to pet the horses and pick berries and smell a few roses!

Kim :-)

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, if you ever have an opportunity to watch British actor, Martin Clunes' special about horses, oh, don't miss it!!!!
Magnificent, beautiful creatures!

XO Diane

Jeri Landers said...

Oh, how I used to love horses as a young girl. Like Marqueta, I spent my time drawing them, collecting horse models and reading Black Beauty about a dozen times. It is funny, though, now that I have 40 acres, the last thing I want is a horse! But I still admire their incredible beauty and grace.