Thursday, August 2, 2012

August in the garden

I'm busy as the proverbial bees.

So it's no surprise that
 the buzzing song of the bees calls me out to the garden.

The apple trees hang heavy with fruit in the warm August sun... 

Outside the studio window, there is so much inspiration
(and so very many weeds waiting to be pulled!)

Would you like to pack up your paints and join me for an hour or two under the arbor,
where we can paint the afternoon away? 


Jeri Landers said...

sharon, our minds really do think alike,no doubt about it! Your garden makes me feel right at home. I didn't know you had bunny pickets too!

Sharyn Sowell said...

Leslie said...

ooooh... the apples are coming!

so so pretty!

Sharyn Sowell said...

Vickie said...

Thank you for the lovely pictures and the invitation to slow down and smell the hollyhocks.