Friday, August 31, 2012

Come with me to Italy...

Come with me to Italy!

Let's make a quick stop at the French Riviera first, shall we?

We're enjoying the sights of Nice's flower market...

We can stop at a street cafe to sip alongside the locals.
How is it French women always look so chic?

Now a wander down the lanes.
I am always captivated with the laundry hanging from European windows.
Not to mention the shutters and the patina on their elegantly shabby plaster.

Here I am, swooning again.
Are you just a tiny bit breathless, too?

I find myself again at Bernard Chauvin, my favorite art supply store. 
The charming lady in the store speaks no English and I know only a word or two of French but we are poring over the various shades of ochre and sienna inks. 

Mr. Wonderful is sitting out on the curb.
And waiting.


I come out with a new watercolor sketchbook and beautiful bottles of ink. 

Let's dip our toes in the Med, shall we?
Such lovely water!

I stopped in a patisserie and bought us a little picnic.

Oops again. One of us was slowly eating a baguette with ham and cheese while the other one devoured a little slice of fougasse and then suddenly the eclair and the tarte au citron completely disappeared!

We wander down the lanes and up the hill to the ancient castle and fortifications.

Along the way we'll stop into the old cemetery for a peek at the graves and monuments.
Oh, the angels!

Don't you love marble angels?

The view of the Promenade d'Anglaises is stunning and we have hiked off the calories (or so I am telling myself anyway!)

Time to rush back to the boat before we miss the last tender...
I will sneak you into Italy tomorrow!

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Sara said...

It is lovely traveling along with you.