Friday, October 26, 2012

On work and joy...

Do you know the feeling
of finding yourself so absorbed that the hours slip by and you forget
to notice that it's supper time?

Well, I do.

Here I am, painting for hours.
Debating over shades of brown and green...

Will speckles of indigo be perfect
or do I really want a deep umber instead?

After bending over the work table
I stand and stretch

and then find I can't resist picking a snippet of type for a brief diversion.

I decide I can slip away and print for just a bit.
Just a teensy bit.

But it doesn't end up that way.
The press is inked and I'm in printing bliss.

With my favorite pal, of course.
Companionship makes art so much sweeter.

And before you know it
the studio rings with the mechanical music of the press
and festive tags are drying on the table.

 I am so blessed to be able to lose myself in my studio, 
savoring color and shape and splashes of inky joy.

Today I count my blessings.
Right up near the top of the list is work.

Is your work your blessing, too?

Send me a message, dear friend, and tell me...
do you love your work as much as I do?


Christen said...

yes, and not being in the studio is cruel and unusual punishment. I love this post :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE to see you at work!! Thank you for sharing a little peek into your studio. And yes, I think I have the best job in the world & miss it terribly when I'm away.

Sharyn Sowell said...

Leslie said...

what kind of a brush is that?
How cool. I wish I were sitting in the studio with you!
Wouldn't that be FUN!!! chattering away
and doing art!

I think i might put my paint brush in my coffee cup!

Sara said...

Such a beautiful thing to be lost to time in creative pursuits. I know that experience, though nothing as artistic as yours . . . what a wonderful thing to have a studio with all these tools!

Elizabeth Maverick said...

I love you trout art! Do you have a shop where you sell your pieces?

Sharyn Sowell said...


The fishing collection will be available in January from Clothworks Textiles in independent quilt and fabric stores nationwide. Stay tuned for more products featuring those images