Saturday, November 24, 2012

Simple comforts

Blustery autumn.
Season of chilly winds and indoor pleasantries.

But medical adventures have a way of disrupting all that.

Distressing circumstances call for simple comforts,
so Mr. Wonderful and I took a long walk, 
hand in hand,
recounting our favorite things.

As my mother used to say, "the happy things."
The things that make us glad.

And there are so many of them!

 Warm, cosy homes
with views of brilliant golden sunsets.

 Gently rolling hills.
Muted colors.

The scent of wood smoke on a crisp morning breeze.

 Familiar paths, replete with bird song.

All the hues of the rainbow... 
blues and greens intermixed
with buttery tones of sand.

They say when you lose one sense, the others are strengthened.

When you lose the ability to speak normally, you gain an appreciation for the beauties of 
bird calls, whistling of the wind, and the crunch of leaves underfoot.

You become more comfortable with silence,
something that is lacking in modern life, and surprisingly soothing.

 We love the play of light and dark,
bright colors and ones that are more subdued.

Dappled morning light.

Surprises in a pathway... love notes from God. 



Complex shapes and simple ones.

But more than anything else, most comforting of all
is the warmth and wonder of being loved.

A kind touch, a little scratch behind the ear, so to speak.

Just the thought of so many blessings
makes everything feel so much better. 

So thankful that God has given us simple comforts along the path.
What a blessing to be resting in strong, caring hands.

And counting the blessings of simple comforts.


Kristi said...

Getting caught up on my favorite blogs today and see much has happened in your life. As you well know, I've never heard your voice, and still you've touched me deeply with your words, your pictures, your art, your faith, your perspective. That will never change. You continue to radiate gratitude and grace--and inspire me to do the same. Thank you!

Mrs. Santos said...

I could say the same thing as Kristi. Absolutely! Thank you.

Sherrie Spangler said...

I agree with those above. You are blessed with the gift of communicating through your photographs, art and the written word. Your blog is always both joyful and comforting, and beautiful.