Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Strawberry season

If I could choose any scent for my favorite perfume, it would be the smell of strawberries wafting over the fence on a warm summer afternoon.

Just down the road is a huge patch of those ruby gems, ripe and smelling like heaven.

Workers straddle the rows or crouch between them, fingers sifting the leaves for each berry.
It's the same in our garden, except that I try to weed the beds as I pluck enough berries for a juicy pie.

The bunnies along the fence top guard our berry patch and I can hear cows calling across the fields as I pick the berries and sketch them...

Strawberry season. 



Moose said... you have Highland Cattle?!

Pom Pom said...

I agree! I was just up in Burlington visiting my family and I bought a flat of berries at From the Farm. Have you had their shortcake? My sister-in-law and a friend own the business. It's on Josh Wilson Rd.
I grew up picking strawberries. I spent many a muddy morning between the rows!
It's nice to meet you! Sara told me about you!
When I got back to Denver and bought strawberries for smoothies, I sighed. They just aren't as beautiful and tasty as Skagit County berries!