Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's inspiring me today: the shades of summer

It's the height of summer.
Inspiration right at your fingertips.

The shades of summer are the most fantastic of the year, or so it seems to me.

All the hues of July almost sing...

the brilliance of leafy greens and olive colors in our raised bed runs through so many shades and values it defies reproducing.

No less stunning are the  subtleties of succulents, with one plant containing everything from magenta to yellowy green without ever looking the slightest bit muddy.

In summer it's the colors that stun me and send me back to my palette again to try to get better fidelity to the amazing shades of summer's glories here in our beautiful little valley.

In a few weeks I'll have another artist retreat in my studio, and we'll be painting en plein air... the valley is the perfect spot for creativity, humble and glorious stirred together.

Thank goodness for the long days at this season.

I can hardly bear to close my eyes at the end of day, and find myself dreaming in living color all the night long, happy to wake to another morning of brilliant color.


Jeri Landers said...

Oh my goodness, I just saw our twin pickets! Great minds think alike. I know you had told me before, but I had never seen yours. I don't think i will be doing any plein air painting here, i will melt, as will the paint! Your weather looks so much cooler than ours. My husband was complaining about the heat today and reminiscing about the moderate temps in Oregon,where he lived for awhile. Your climate is similar?

Sara said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful summer colors with the rest of us! That is a very unusually shaped nasturtium leaf; don't you love the veins on those leaves? We are enjoying some light rain and cooler temperatures here today, at last!