Friday, October 18, 2013

Pressing apples with the neighbors

My phone rang.
"Come to Scarlett's. She's pressing cider right now and you're invited!"

So I put on my jacket and walked down the road.

My friends must be some of the most imaginative people in the world.
Take a peek at Scarlett's garden for proof.

It's her outbuildings that capture my imagination the most.
Oh, for a garden shed this rustic!

And a place to sit outdoors under cover of a roof.
Notice that back wall... stacked wood.
Is Scarlett not ingenious???

What a joy to spend a glorious golden afternoon together pressing apples...

Soon the Happy Valley Cider Press was humming along, and the laughter with it.

Picture the sipping of cocoa and the scent of a wood fire as the sun went down...

The seasons fade from one into another and we celebrate them in turn,
each one sweeter than the last.

The last of the tomatoes, the honk of a goose, the harvest of grapes and gathering of both apples and friends.

Afternoon faded into evening 
and the stars peeped out again.

Cheerful goodbyes and waves as we walked home with calls of "thank you" and "see you again soon!" All too soon the day was gone.

But the memories linger and only sweeten as the seasons roll by.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Hey...I want a friend who presses cider in a scene like that! What a treat!

Angelgbooks said...

Love your post this week,! Beautiful pics! Lots of inspiration to sketch . Looks like you had a perfect day!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Moose said...

truly fabulous! I wish I was a neighbor too. Tail wags ~moose

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear - this is such a lovely post - full of wonderful fall pictures and such a beautiful experience as well. Hope you have a great day - thanks for sharing.

Sharyn Sowell said...

Thank you, Debbie. I so appreciate your kind message. It was a lovely day for sure.

Hoping your autumn is similarly full of joy and beauty, wherever you live. I'd love to hear from you again!


Jeri Landers said...

Charlotte is too wonderful for words, as is her place! Nothing says Autumn like cider. I went to an Apple Festival last weekend, I couldn't believe it;NO ONE WAS SELLING CIDER!!! What the>>>??? Apples and pies and apple bread, apple dumplins but NO CIDER! So I told James: I will go home and mull my own, and that is just what I did. PS> sending an email to thank you for that lovely gift..