Monday, March 24, 2014

Painting with Grandma

I suppose every artist has memories of someone who ignited the first spark
of creativity before anyone else saw it.

For me it was Grandma and afternoons spent painting china in the kitchen.

The pieces we both painted together are special treasures for me.

The kiln in the garage is waiting for me... it's been way too long since I painted porcelain, but someday...

This morning I drank tea from one of those dainty mugs while I painted poppies
and thought of her.

Twelve year old Leah is flying in for a week when school gets out to paint with me.

What a pleasure to watch the love of creativity pass down a family.
What a happy legacy!


Michelle Palmer said...

So very sweet and so very beautiful! Leah will treasure time spent with you and the heirlooms you make together~
Thank you for sharing!

Sharon Hermens said...

Oooh, Sharyn, I love your porcelian collection and your vintage crystal glasses! What a wonderful memory you have. Your "Leah" will make memories with you as you teach her. What fun.

Marqueta G. said...

Dear Sharyn,

Long time, me no visit! Sorry about the great absence; blame it on the new baby. :) He's not so new any more, however, trying to crawl already!

You and your grandmother are both very talented painters; my grandmother gave me a love of beautiful poetry that I still treasure. I'm sure that you will be making lots of memories for Leah to cherish, as well!



Sharie Hankemeier said...

I remember my cousin and I as children, going to my great aunts art shows with her. She set up a small table for us and let us sell our crafts, while she painted. She made us feel so talented! Forever in my memories. Leah will soak up her time with you! Thank-you for bringing back such happy memories for me!!