Monday, April 7, 2014

New life on the farm

It was farm time again today.

 "Aurora's kidding!" Janelle shouted down the stairway. "Let's go!"

 So off we dashed, and found the first baby just barely born 
and being licked clean.

Half an hour later, tiny hooves could be seen, then a nose. 
The second twin came into the world.

We watched their shaky attempts to stand and begin to feed.
New life. Springtime.

Twins, both girls from champion doe Aurora.

My farm collection is well underway, sketched in the notebook with recipes to match. 

Roosters, ducks, hens, goats... 
even nettles being made into gourmet ravioli.
Goat milk and abundant eggs.

Oh, farm life.

There is beauty at every turn.
Rugged beauty, 
unvarnished and spontaneous.

I love the authenticity of country life, 
the changing seasons bringing fresh beauty every day.
Not easy, but so genuine and without pretense.

New life on a little farm,
so precious, so American country, so simple and real.


Michelle Palmer said...

So simple, so real, so inspiring! I love being a country girl~ THANK YOU for taking us along to the farm & sharing the precious new life!

Joy Hall said...

How refreshed and inspired you must feel after a few days there! So glad you get to experience this!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

All such beautiful animals...nature's best!

Jane LaFazio said...

oh,just beautiful! the photos and the baby goats!

Sharon Hermens said...

That rooster...oh, I've never seen such beauty!!! I tried to get a picture of Ernie's (other) rooster but he wouldn't stand still long enough. He's a beauty as well. Love this post. Wish I were there!!1