Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bloom time

Our little valley is beautiful in every season but never more than spring.

And this year seems the best of all.

Every square foot is jam packed with miracles.
Even a simple path to a farm house shines.

 Tulips and daffodils in splendid brilliance that goes all the way to the horizon, looking for all the world like a travel brochure come to life. 

 That lush, lush shade of green seen only in spring.
Barns and flowering branches.

You can't take a single step without seeing something amazing...
even the dewy grass is beautiful.

I am so thankful for the place I live,
rich with color and beauty,
especially in springtime,
seen from a bicycle as you pedal with a dear friend,
laughing down the lanes, painting for hours in garden and fields
 and making memories you'll cling to long after the blossoms have gone.


Angelgbooks said...

Sharon, I am so jealous!!!! Where is this heaven? Here in New York, its still cold and not a tulip to be seen! I love your pics and watercolors. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, your photos are all the more wonderful from so far away! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of the Valley! God's creation is amazing!