Friday, May 23, 2014

SURTEX, the New York art show

This week was the annual trade show, Surtex, in Manhattan.
The best of America's product designers and artists and manufacturers got together for brainstorming and dreaming up new products and programs.

I hung my art as always, this year with a brighter, more intense palette of colors and some fresh new looks. 

Here's my booth as I found it… 
bare and bald.

Soon the art was going up and I began the familiar gulp every artist feels…
"Oh, my! I sure hope I don't become a colossal failure!"

But it all went just amazingly well; people were so kind and there was lots of interest in my work.

And then after the show, hunger pangs took hold.

Maison Kayser, a twin of the famous Parisian patisserie, is conveniently located near Central Park and Columbus Circle.

Choosing just one pastry is a somewhat daunting task.
The display cases are more beautiful than Tiffany's to me…

Jewel-like confections beckon irresistibly, each one more delicate and sparkling than its neighbor.
I'll take a raspberry tart.

No, make that the one with lemon curd.

Or a Rocher Coco…
perhaps that tiny taste abricot pistache?
Maybe the Succes?

I drank a cup of tea, munched a tiny pistachio goodie, downed a chocolate croissant and we were good to go.

And the fact that we were dining very near a Famous Movie Star added a dash of panache!

Late in the evening after work was the time to enjoy the city that never sleeps.

As a group of artists, we could not resist the signs and shop windows.
Paired with icons like the Empire State Building, yellow cabs, and all the bright lights of Manhattan, we stared and grinned at what we saw.

Shop windows always fascinate me and there are none better than those you see in New York.

A whirlwind tandem ride through Central Park finished up the week in the City.
I was whisked through the air homeward…

and now the blessedness of a summer at home,
ripe and full of creativity.


Jane LaFazio said...

What a fabulous adventure! But oh oh, that raspberry tarte!! And WHO was the movie star?

Jane LaFazio said...
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Sharyn Sowell said...

Jane, it was Glenn Close! And yes, the raspberry tart, absolutely divine. I am working on an entire calendar of French pastries, so I think I need more research, don't you?

Sharyn Sowell said...
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Jeri Landers said...

GAD, I've barely got a connection and can't see any of your photos! So tell me how the new line went over? (The one we talked about)