Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Early summer, early morning

When your plate is too full to take even ah hour off and your heart is calling you outdoors, what's a girl to do?

Why, get up with the sun at a ridiculously early hour and bike briskly through the farmland
and return, heart pumping, full of inspiration, at the time you'd normally awake!

So we do just that.

Nell and I roll down the road and around the bend, past fields newly planted and growth everywhere.

Past lanes that beckon and barns that seem to smile as we cycle by...

Past honor stands overflowing with bounty and flowers blooming out of control.
June, you are the most lush month of them all!

I finger the foliage gently, savoring the softness, the prickliness, the scents of each plant.

Beside an old, old farmhouse sits a barn I love, and today it's decorated with brilliant purple iris.
We hop off our bikes for a sigh of admiration together.

How splendidly lavish nature is on a June morning!

And before we know it, we're rushing back, almost home, legs pumping like pistons and damp morning air refreshing us.

Soon we're bumping across the field and into the garage.

I head into the studio with a steaming mug, ready to capture a bit of it on paper.
Feeling blessed.

So thankful for the endless inspiration of this rich, simple life.


Sara said...

Early mornings hold something very special for those who seek them out. Loving the beauty you have chosen to share with us!

Jules Woolford said...

I found you! What a beautiful place you live in Sharyn, and your work is just sublime. I'm going to follow you via my Bloglovin' feed, and I'm so pleased to have met you through FB. It does have its good points -like the AJW group! Warm wishes, Jules