Monday, April 11, 2016

In full bloom

Spring in Skagit Valley is so beautiful it's a wonder anyone accomplishes anything.
For those of us who live out among the fields, the temptation to stay outdoors is almost overwhelming.

I cycle for hours, draw and paint and sketch and photographing the fields non-stop until the tulips have been mowed.

This year the salmon parrot tulips have been my ultimate favorite. Those coral tulips streaked with pink and white, green and yellow have such beautifully ruffled edges.

I will be planting salmon parrot tulips this autumn for next spring's bloom.

It's so lovely you can hardly believe what you're seeing. The colors seem photoshopped, too beautiful to be real.

Now it's time to begin working in our own garden, and holding parties outdoors to enjoy it!


ellen b said...

Love the ruffled edge tulips...gorgeous.

ellen b said...

Love the ruffled edge tulips...gorgeous.

Sherrie Spangler said...

Your photographs and the flowers are glorious! Such beauty.

Sharon Hermens said...

Gosh, Sharyn, I can understand why you would want to stay outside all day. These flowers are beautiful!!! The last picture of flowers--the pretty round white and pink ones--are they from your garden? What kind are they? I wish our growing season here in North Texas wasn't so short. It gets so hot here nothing but pansies survive. I guess I'll plant some pansies.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful surroundings with us.