Thursday, April 7, 2016

Party decorations!

Let's be honest:
You're as crazy busy as I am. 

When we plan a party it's got to be lightning fast but we want it to look fantastic and set a mood that's both relaxed and decadent.


My go-to strategy for the "petite soiree" I'm planning is the Sizzix machine and my new Garden Party dies. 

Today we're talking buntings for your trees!

Always the cheap crafter, I used scraps of paper to roll out fancy roses, birds, and tags. 
I even saved the teensy scraps... I'm pretending they're tags, too.

Then I lettered and painted them brightly
and tied on natural fiber strings.

Use your embossing folders if you like... the sunshine makes the shadows absolutely gorgeous!

Use only materials that will compost and this becomes the simplest craft project ever...
Hang the festive die cuts and tags in your trees to sway with the breezes.

The last time I did this everyone wanted to take a few home~ what a nice little parting gift.
And all from scraps, done in a jiffy.

Whatever remains in your garden will eventually turn into compost, decomposing and becoming part of the soil.

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