Saturday, August 27, 2016

Art in life

This summer has been one of art come to life.

My friends and I have been throwing literary parties that feel like you've just walked into a favorite story.

This week we spent an afternoon living the Anne of Green Gables books. 

The plan was to show up in home made costumes. 
We'd eat a beautiful and delicious spread (always a part of our get togethers!) and then read passages from the Anne of Green Gables books while we embroidered together.

 It was like stepping into another time, one where time slowed down.

The home made costumes were great fun- some family heirlooms, some (like the blouse above) stitched from thrift store finds and garage sales.

We sipped raspberry cordials and peach shrub, munched delicious deviled eggs and home made cakes, and laughed the afternoon away.

It's been so much fun to exercise our imaginations and bring art to life, a summer to remember always.


Jeri Landers said...

Sharyn, You have fun friends who must be excellent cooks and seamstresses! The theme of your party was delightful. Maybe you can do a Charles Dickens story at your next get together. Jeri PS. the palette you liked on my blog was purchased off Amazon. Just $20!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sharyn...what a delightful way to get together. And all those beautiful outfits! just precious :0) mari