Saturday, August 6, 2016

What I did on my summer vacation... A Postcard Life

Summer has been so jam packed full of postcard moments that I've had no time to post lately.

It's been full of the miraculous, overflowing with adventures like this day trip to Mount Baker's Artist Point.

It's exactly like the Alps, and we hiked across snowy glacier fields, scrambled up a rocky pinnacle, and sat painting the mountain landscape, complete with profusions of wildflowers in bloom.

Sometimes life is so full of amazing moments that the wise move is to leave the digital world behind for a season. 

In my case, all this time sketching and photographing the wild outdoors has left me refreshed and energized, ready to join the online world again.

And thankful. 

So very, very thankful for a season of fresh air and sunshine and time away from digital media, completely immersed in nature.

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