Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Little Cottage Featured in Where Women Create Magazine

This month my studio is featured in Where Women Create Magazine, Winter 2017 - 2018.
It's especially meaningful since Jo Packham, the magazine's owner, was editor for my first book on paper cutting!

 Here's a peek at my studio on a day when it was all tidy at once! A rare occasion for 
this hard working little cottage in the garden.

Nobody succeeds on their own. I am so grateful for my friend Debi Ward Kennedy, (click for link) a gifted visual designer and merchandiser. In July 2016, Debi and I gutted my tiny cottage and did a major refresh on a thin little shoestring of a budget. She's a genius; if you ever need help with store or studio design, Debi knows how to make your space work harder while it looks so much better!    

The magazine featured some of my work... and I think all their readers could see what a passion I have for scissors and paper (and almost any other art material that happens to be on hand!)

Below I was able to explain my key to artistic growth, my philosophy that practice is all important.

The back walls are sometimes a smorgasbord of my recent art, with the old platen press in the center of the room.

When asked what is my tip for other artists, I candidly shared the joy and pleasure to be gained from being in community with other creative people. Thank you to Joan, to Barb, to Scarlet and Pearl, Bailey and Kate, to all the women who inspire me and live in my own neighborhood.

If you don't have a creative community, start by just finding one friend and bake muffins, stitch up a little something, sketch your own pets together... or dream up your own adventures.

So here we are again, counting our blessings, and among my favorite reasons for gratitude is YOU.
Thank you for following along on my creative journey.

You can find Where Women Create Magazine on news stands everywhere magazines are sold and in stores like JoAnn Fabric and Crafts as well as online at Stampington & Company.

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