Wednesday, July 25, 2007


They were standing near the split rail fence, eyeing me as I huffed and puffed my way down the country road, standing not too close, not to far apart. Just companionably munching their way across the pasture with an air of comfortable friendliness.

These two horses need no words to convey their friendship. I can tell they are buddies from the body language, the way they graze alongside one another day after day. It's a simple alliance that must lend comfort to both.

I've been walking through a difficult season lately and have come to appreciate those who have noticed and come alongside for a while with the same air of comfort these two horses offer one another.

What reassurance and strength those dependable, quiet friends bring to our lives. Whether man or beast, we all need the comfort of someone to stand nearby and lend a bit of companionship through thick or thin. I'll be forever grateful for the little gestures of kindness and encouragement, the unspoken confidence that says "I'll walk alongside you." It's a precious gift.

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