Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter's most beautiful day

What a walk this afternoon, all blue skies and winter wonderland.

What intense blue sky! Bare trees and leafless branches are breathtaking in the chilly afternoon, grayish brown against cerulean. Frozen puddles shine along the roadside.

"Wait a minute!" I shout to Mr. Wonderful. "I have to capture the ice!"

I want to remember every detail.
He is smiling that smile that tells me he is so in love with me that he doesn't mind waiting even though he doesn't see what I'm excited about at all.

But I think it's gorgeous. 
Look at the frost I found in a puddle in our driveway.
Right in our own drive!

Even an ordinary leaf frozen into a puddle seems like pure magic reflecting the sky.

Down the road Steve is refilling his bird feeders. 

I catch myself skipping on the way home. 

Perhaps I shouldn't admit to being so unsophisticated but sometimes when the day is full of beauty and you're living in the moment the best thing you can do is simply abandon yourself to joy. 


Sharon Hermens said...

Beautiful! Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

Sharyn Sowell said...

From Leslie:

just beautiful!